About AOL Mail & How to create an AOL Mail Account?

Email or Electronic mail is the method through which we can exchange messages, documents, files, images in just one click. It is called Electronic mail because it uses electronic devices such as computer networks.

Roy Tomlinson was the first who created @ sign which helps to link username with the servers and he was the first to send the email. In the 1970s the term email was used for the first time. In 1981 the first SMTP for email was developed which is no more different from the modern one.

AOL Mail is one of these web mailing services that allow you to send and receive messages at any time in just one click. Anyone having a valid internet connection can access this service. In this article, we will discuss AOL Mail and How to create an AOL Mail Account?

What is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service through which you can send and receive messages, documents, and images at any time. It uses the internet as its premium medium.

Anyone having an internet connection can avail of this service. AOL Mail was launched on March 21, 2004, and this email service is owned by Verizon Communications. Currently, there are more than 4.6 million active users of AOL Mail. 

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Key features of AOL Mail

Following is the list that includes the key features of AOL Mail that you can enjoy after creating an account.

● High-security options.

● Email attachment limits up to 25 MB. That means you can send or receive attachments up to 25 MB.

● The high mail storage capacity of 1000 new, 4000 old and 4000 sent emails.

● AOL Mail supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP3.

● Link option: means you can easily link the AOL Mail account to other email services like Gmail or Hotmail –

● Quick filter and notification for each new email.

How to create an AOL Mail Account?

To create an AOL Mail Account you have to follow the below-listed steps.

  1. Visit www.aolmail.com and open the signup page.
  2. After opening the signup page enter all the necessary information which is required for the signup process.
  3. First, enter your name and then select a username for the email address. 
  4. Then enter a password that may have more than 8 digits.
  5. After entering your name and password, enter your date of birth and select the gender from the given option.
  6. Then go through the verification process and the click continues.
  7. This will lead you to the sign-in page and now you can log in to your account by entering your email address and password. 

Hope you like the information. But if you still have any query then you can visit www.aolmail.com and tap at the Help option at the top right side of the page. Here you will find all necessary information about sign up procedure and other features of AOL Mail.

Other than this many video tutorials are also available on youtube through which you get the missing information. 

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